Baron Trecaeshia

Core Crafter of wonderous items


Tecaeshia can instantly craft almost any wonderous item. He will not fashion weapons or armor. His pricing is as follows.



Book price for regular scrolls. For 50% more he will turn them into tear scrolls that anyone can use.
Spells that are personal (like true strike) have a minimum cost of 1500g.
Spells without a listed price cost the same as a similar spell. If no spell is similar, it costs 1000g per level.
Spells with an XP cost are greatly increased and must be priced one by one.
For double the cost, he will cast spells at his full level. This helps prevent against dispelling. Otherwise, spells cap at level 20.
When overcoming spell resistance, the maximum caster level in a scroll, for a non epic character, is 20.


Most items are book price. While he will not create weapons, he will imbue them with magical properties. Items with a +1 to +3 equivalent are usually book price. +4 increases by 10% and +5 by 25%

Direct Spells

He will directly cast spells on you at scroll price. These spells are considered level 20. For double the price he will cast the spell on you at his full caster level.

Custom items

Trechasia can make almost anything you can think of. His custom creations always have a premium price tag and must be priced on a one for one basis.


Baron Trecaeshia

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