The Krrzck are a race of intelligent insectoids roughly the size of humans. They rarely adventure beyond their territorial borders, but a few have proven to be exceptional warriors and magic users. Like their smaller cousins, the Krrzck are almost all male, with only one or two females within any colony. The females are almost always born with powerful psionic abilities.

Krrzck are highly territorial, distrustful of most other races and have a near xenophobic mindset. However they are extremely loyal to anything they consider to be a part of their ‘hive’. A Krrzck’s hive is any collection of individuals that they have bounded with emotionally or feel connected to through necessity for mutual survival. The loyalty a Krrzck feels is only diminished when a member of the hive proves to be of no benefit to the other members.

Physical Description:
A typical Krrzck stands about 5 feet tall; with a long slender body that consists of a thorax and abdomen that resembles a praying mantis. They have 2 arms that end with two clawed pincers and an opposable ‘thumb’ pincer. Like other insects, they have an exoskeleton, large multi-lensed eyes, a large mandible and multiple (4) legs. The Krrzck coloring is almost always a shade of orange or red. Small hair-like spines cover their arms and legs. Krrzck rarely wear any type of clothing, but often add ornaments or paint to their appearance. (The Krrzck are similar to a Thri-keen in many ways, but the two would not be confused. The Krrzck look much more like a large insect than a humanoid)

The Krrzck have no specific deity and rarely worship any god. Many do have druidic powers and could be considered to worship nature.

Krixith as a spoken language sounds like consonants and clicks jumbled together. The language is very difficult to learn and few outside the race can speak it. The Krrzck anatomy makes speaking other languages a little difficult so they tend to shy away from anything other than Krixith.

While the Krrzck are very active in their native lands on the border of Hybrasil, they rarely venture out into the rest of the world. Those rare few that do travel, often have a difficult time adjusting to the presence of different races.

Krrzck Racial Traits:

  • +2 Dex, -2 Con, +2 Int, -2 Cha: Krrzck are very intelligent and very skilled at moving, however they are not hearty and their lack of communication with other races makes them crude.
  • Medium: As a medium creature, a Krrzck gains no special bonuses or penalties due to their size.
  • Monstrous Vermin: A Krrzck is proficient with their natural weapons (claws, mandibles or stingers that deal 1d4 + str) and have darkvision out to 60 feet. They must breathe, eat and sleep. Their insectoid bodies make non magical disguise nearly impossible and the Krrzck take a -8 penalty on disguise checks. In addition, the unusual form of the creatures makes mundane armor difficult to use. Armor, unless specifically crafted for them, is only half as effective as normal armor.
  • Steady: The Krrzck stand on 4 thin insectoid legs. This provides a +4 bonus to resist trip, bull rush and grapple attacks. They do not get the bonus to make these attacks.
  • Xenophobia: Although some Krrzck build up the courage to leave their homes, they can almost never shake the feeling that they do not belong. They take a -2 penalty to the following skills when outside their native lands or dealing with those not part of their hive: Sense Motive, Diplomacy, and Gather Information.
  • All-Around Vision: The Krrzck’s eyes have 100s of lenses giving them a +4 bonus on awareness checks (and a -4 penalty to resist gaze attacks). This also requires that at least three opponents flank a Krrzck to receive any benefit.
  • Natural evolution: There are two forms of Krrzck, flyers and diggers. Flyers grow thin wings when they mature that provides a flight speed of 20’ with perfect maneuverability. These flyers possess neither stinger nor venom. Diggers have strong arms that burrow through soft ground at a speed of 20’ and a stinger on the end of their abdomen that can be pulled under the body to attack the direction it is facing. The stinger has a poison that deals 2 points of acid damage on a successful hit. Being immune to acid or poison would prevent this damage.
  • Natural armor: Krrzck’s exoskeletons harden as they grow and provide a natural armor benefit. This starts as +1 natural armor at level one and increases by 1 every 3 levels with a maximum of 5.
  • Level adjustment +1


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