A product of Chronon and Ethereal essence, the Velocian are living constructs. These creatures remain very sheltered from the rest of the world on their island of Therilex. The society has remained almost completely isolated for three thousand years. While moving forward with technological advancements they have become complacent. Though they have occasionally had visitors, only several dozen could be counted in the last millennium.

Ageless and foreign, their personality is unusual. The Velocian are often standoffish with other races. Their society does not use a form of currency, and there is no violence among their own kind.

Physical Description:
Constructed out of a solidified liquid metal called Chronon and infused with an ethereal life force, the Velocian appear as glowing metallic humanoid. The outward majority of their bodies is comprised of the mercurial metal with large gaps in places that exposes a faintly glowing and translucent substance. The metal around their heads is uniquely patterned so that they are easily distinguishable to each other, but there is little of what could be considered a face.

Velocians worship no deity. There is nothing that specifically prevents them from worshiping a deity, however they are able to empower themselves with arcane/divine magic and have had nearly no exposure to religion.

The Velocians can produce vibrations in their bodies. These vibrations can be done at a frequency that most creatures cannot hear. This allows them to communicate privately with others of their race. They can also produce vibrations in a language that others can hear. When they do, they speak common.

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Velocian Racial Traits:
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